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P's Guard

P’s Guard is the Multi-Useful Disinfectant.

P’s Guard is the Revolution of Chlorine!

We know the fact that during the corona pandemic time, Alcohol has been the only one sterilizing material,
even though Alcohol has some problems, such as defect of rough skin and some allergy for some people.

P’s Guard is not Alcohol which has been widely used, despite of defects of rough skin and some allergy for some people.
P’s Guard is very gentle and soft, in spite of genuine Sodium Hypochlorite.
P’s Guard is quite safe and useful substance for the following usages such as below:

1.  Why P’s Guard is harmless and safe disinfectant ?

1) When ‘P’s Guard touches organic materials, such as animal, plant, fish and their belongings and parts, virus, bacteria, germs, etc.,
then P’s Guard immediately
decomposes into ”just OXGEN and very MINIMAL SALT”.

This means that we can use P’s Guard as the safest disinfectant according to protect us from the dangerous viruses.

2) P’s Guard is quite useful for “sterilizing” foods materials as food additive, thus we strongly recommend you to use P’s Guard for “sterilizing purpose”.


2. Other Useful Characteristics

P’s Guard has excellent and superior characteristics far better than the old Ordinary Sodium Hypochlorite (“OSH”).

The followings are main points different from the OSH

1)   Odorless

2)   Non-bleaching materials

3)   Non-toxic for human beings

4)   Non-volatile

5)   Non-staining-metals

6)   Weak alkali at ph 10.5 (OSH is used in acid side such as ph 5-6 level.)

7)   Non-emission of tri-halo-methane (carcinogen for liver and kidneycancers)

8)   OSH emits tri-halo-methane, but not P’s Guard.

Long shelf life sustaining power efficiency generally minimum 2 years under the storage in off-ultraviolet ray place and in cool temperature below 30.

 9) “Safety of P’s Guard for human beings” is proved by treatment test to rabbits and mice by drinking through, infusion to eyes, and spraying to skins. 

10) Killing mold and spore

P’s Guard destroy mold and its spore.


3. The only one safe material for pasteurizing living space by spraying P’s Guard during the condition of human staying.

P’s Guard is the only one safe material for pasteurizing air under the safe conditions which should be perfect conditions for whole human beings who are living under no harm safe atmosphere.

The actual manners of this usage is as under:

1) Corona virus and influenza, and such virus are infected by air circulation strongly. Thus in order to pasteurizing whole air space of room by strong air circulation whole day long, under the condition of human beings stay.

2) The air for circulation should not be poisonous for people, but should be infectious for virus.

Do you have any other recommendable pasteurizing materials excluding P’s Guard?

3) Now, only P’s Guard can do it, we have suitable materials to attack corona and influenza virus by spraying P’s Guard in whole air space.

Please note that only P’s Guard is available.

We would like to recommend you to understand the above useful advantageous characteristics, and utilize at any occasion in front of you.

There will be various chances to use P’s Guard at your side.  

If you have any chance of trying use P’s Guard, please don’t hesitate to ask us to visit you to explain you more details by our visit to your office soon.

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